After a life of degeneracy, Pepe is ready to seek God
Mystic Pepes are created by many different artists. Anyone can submit a Mystic Pepe by following the guidelines outlined here. If the submission is approved by the council of gurus, the Pepe will be included in the collection.
Each week at least one unique Mystic Pepe card will be released for auction. Auctions are completely trustless and decentralized, using state of the art PSBT technology.
Each Mystic Pepe card is inscribed on an uncommon sat (or of higher rarity) and conveys unique spiritual wisdom along with different traits and attributes. Follow Pepe's journey as he leaves behind his previous life of attachment and uncovers the secrets of the spirit.
A portion of every sale will be donated to bitcoin open source development. Pepe knows that all his success is built on the contributions of open source technology so he wants to give back.