Pepe has ditched his wild ways to get in touch with his mystical side. This noble quest cannot be completed alone and Pepe will need guidance and help if he is to succeed. Mystic Pepe knows that there are many paths that lead to enlightenment, so we are putting out a call to artists who want to join in the journey.
"To participate, all you need is a little creativity, some spirituality, and maybe some bitcoin."
Here are the steps you need to take to submit a Mystic Pepe:
1- Review the Design Guidelines.
2- Create/identify all the necessary and optional images you wish to submit. The list below is also clearly laid out in the Google Form in step 3.
3- Submit your design/images via this Google Form.
4- The Mystic Gurus will review your submission and determine if it is aligned with our spiritual standards - they will be in contact with you via email at this point.
5- After approval, let the Mystic Gurus know which of the Open Source Projects you want to donate to.
6- Procure an uncommon satoshi on which your Mystic Pepe will be inscribed. You can do t the following ways:
7- Auction time!
*If a card is shared publicly before approval or final inscription it will not be included in the collection*